About Give & Go

Great people, baking great products, for a great future.

Let us bake for you!

As a trusted manufacturer of baked goods operating for over 25 years, we’re all about providing innovative, quality bakery solutions that meet our customer needs, whether it’s convenience, increased efficiency, creative product offerings, and of course, growing sales. With our extensive product selection and portfolio of successful brands, we cover all needs, from bite sized delights under the bestselling two-bite® brand, decadent indulgences under Kimberley’s Bakeshoppe™, feel good snacks under Mason St. Bakehouse®, or traditional treats that are good to the last crumb under The Worthy Crumb Pastry Co™.

We also work with leading retailers around the world to co – brand, supply and assist in the development of their “own” or private label initiatives.

A passion for doing it right.

We know that quality and commitment to food safety has to be there every time. That’s why we have a state-of-the-art, in house Quality Assurance Lab, and work hard to be certified by major quality organizations that reflect our credibility in the industry and provide our customers with the peace of mind that they expect. We are currently IFS (International Food Safety), SQF Level 3, COR Kosher and OU Dairy certified.

At Give & Go, we believe that how we create and deliver our treats is a big part of what makes them so good and so popular. We strive to be true partners-with our team members, our customers, and those who enjoy our creations, one bite at a time.

We believe in tomorrow so we work every day to get better and better at being what we want to be: great people, baking great products, for a great future.